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2/8/23, 11:00 AM

Workshop is for conductors who wish to work as an adjudicator.

Competitions and evaluation are important further training in the artistic and professional development of amateur wind music.

In addition to learning about regional differences and evaluation models in the German-speaking countries, the participants will all be qualified to carry out a competent evaluation of musical performances and to give helpful and motivating verbal and written evaluations.

Thus, in addition to musical-artistic expertise, the course imparts above all pedagogical and social competences for successful work as an adjudicator in wind music.


Hearing analysis/training

  • Analysis criteria and analysis tools

  • Sound perception, intonation

  • Comparison of interpretations

  • Practical work

  • Development of coherent interpretations

  • Literature

  • Classifications

  • Instrumentation questions

Literature of wind music

  • Classification of composers and works

  • Original compositions and arrangements

  • Contemporary notation

Scoring systems and scoring criteria

Forms of evaluation

Operational aspects of jury work

Moderation, communication, conflict management


The academy phases and practical phases are progressively related to each other and form a coherent course. Continuous participation from the beginning is very important. It is not possible to join the course later or to skip a phase. The learning content taught is tested in the practical phases and supplemented and deepened by written work and practical exercises.en.

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