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Who or what is CISM?

Founded in 1949, CISM is a voluntary federation of national music associations of brass, drum and bugle corps as well as pipe bands. At present, the 11 voting member associations represent approx. 18.000 music societies with close to 1 million active musicians. CISM is a member of UNESCO. 

CISM’s core mission is to preserve, foster and promote music culture; to represent the common interests of its international members vis-à-vis government and society; to promote music education and training; and to organise international (youth) exchanges.

In addition, CISM endeavours to expand and consolidate the European network, to continue as well as further develop on-going projects and to introduce new music initiatives.

On-going projects include:  Composition competitions; (inter)national music festivals; knowledge sharing regarding events, e.g. music camps and concerts serving as model projects; supporting exchanges between orchestras and ensembles;  providing information about and advice on youth work; organisation of symposiums for member associations; organisation of conferences for conductors and youth leaders; organisation of competitions for brass, drum and bugle corps as well as pipe bands; compiling music catalogues; cataloguing experts (jurors, speakers, instructors); and indexing of European brass band Archives.



Cornerstones of CISM’s work are awarding the European Competition for Bohemian-Moravian Music, the International Competition for Youth Wind Orchestra in Schladming, jury training held in German and French in Trossingen and relationship management within the network.

The current Executive Board is composed of President Valentin Bischof (Switzerland), Vice President and Committee Head “PR and Communications” Andrea Romiti (Italy), Committee Head “Music” Heiko Schulze (Germany), Committee Head “Network” Ludovic Laurent-Testoris (France) and Committee Head “Finance” Daniel Leskovic (Slovenia).

The Executive Board is supported by the project leaders for i) the International Competition for Youth Wind Orchestra, Prof. Johann Mösenbichler (Austria) ii) the European Competition for Bohemian-Moravian Music, Gottfried Reisegger (Austria) and iii) the international jury training conducted in German and French, Isabelle Ruf-Weber and Blaise Héritier (Switzerland).

CISM will continue to be guided by its motto „Europe united in brass and windband music“.


Our Goals

To preserve, foster and promote music culture

To represent the common interest of international members

To promote music education and training

CISM Board


Dr Noel Camilleri portrait.jpg

Noel Camilleri

C/O L-Għaqda Każini tal-Banda

64, Triq G.M. Camilleri, Il-Hamrun, Malta

+356 998 598 33

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